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Resources for every aspect of your event

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Top-Line Service

LLTV offers a service guarantee that helps you increase revenue through careful sponsorship and trade show sales strategies. We utilize creative marketing to increase your event’s attendance and ensure your attendees engage in your event activities. Plus, you can work with LLTV to set up virtual meetings or breakout sessions to further enhance the overall experience.

Mitigate Problems

Worried something will go wrong? LLTV is here for you! Implement risk management strategies that work and employ event insurance to make sure that you and your attendees are safe at all times.

Cost-Effective Conferences

Conference and event resources can quickly add up when you need to organize hotels, transportation, meals, and more. It’s a huge task figuring out how to fit all the necessary components of a successful event into a tight budget. With LLTV, you’re working with a network of over 1,500 vetted partners and receiving an average cost savings of 15-20%! On top of that, LLTV provides you with a dedicated support team at no extra cost to you and your business.

Resources That Add Value

There are many little add ons that you can incorporate into your event to make it an even more exciting shindig, but it’s hard to know where to start in a sea of different resources. LLTV offers a network of tradeshow decorators, speakers, and entertainment, venues, transportation, audio and video services, event production services, and wellness and CSR to help keep your attendees interacting.

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