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Apps and event technology to digitize your event

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Mobile App Development

One of the best ways to keep attendees organized and engaged with your event is through an event app, custom-built for your company. Create an event app that provides an event calendar with schedules, reminders, and meetings as well as providing attendees the power to bookmark, rate, and take notes on what’s happening around the conference. Keep attendance at a high by listing session rooms on the calendar so that no one misses a meeting during your event. Plus, provide sponsor and attendee profiles with weblinks, contact information, and in-app chat features that keep people engaged and interactive.

Retrieve Leads

Once the fun and games are over, it’s important for exhibitors to be able to generate lead reports and have the contact information of interested attendees. With event technology, you can provide badged scanning and the ability to gather information from attendees without wasting their precious time at the event exhibit.

Scan Each Session

Check guests in and out with a session scanning app that allows you to keep track of who’s who. Session scanning technology can capture when attendees arrived and left as well as allow for custom adjustments to scans if any changes need to be made. Plus, you can even customize your scanning app with your company’s logo and branding.

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