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Meetings that provide structured, strategic results

A Management Process That Counts

With LLTV, you’re working with a team that has a tried and true strategic meetings management program. Work through every part of managing your strategic meetings so that you’re fully prepared for every conference. Keep your team organized with our five-step process for your success.

Step 1: Opportunity

Strategically managing your meetings can be difficult due to the need for complex financial planning. Luckily, LLTV coordinates the planning process through budgeting tools that assist with policy management and workflow, system integration, company calendars, and more.

Step 2: Utilize Technology

Technology is a key part of strategic meeting management. With LLTV, you can effectively leverage technology to compare venues, locate meeting destinations, customize and send RFPs, and quickly receive vendor bids.

Step 3: Implementation

Keep every part of the planning process coordinated by managing online registrations, attendee management, processing payments, and coordinating housing and travel for your company. Implement a strategy that leaves you poised for success.

Step 4: Generate Reports

Reports help keep goals on track and monitor progress. Use our reporting systems to keep accurate and detailed reports and to share data across departments.

Step 5: Grow

Grow your business through Strategic Meeting Management and watch your company expand from local to global.

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